Mirrors and Mystics, True Crime Edition: Victorian Serial Killers in St. Louis


Have you Ever Wondered if There were Spirits at the Chatillon-DeMenil?

Do you neeD a TAROT Card Reading?

Is it really possible jack the ripper died in St. Louis?

What was the weapon of choice for female victorian killers?

Join us on October 19, 2019 from 6:00 to 10:oo PM at the Chatillon-DeMenil Mansion To answer all of these burning questions.

General Admission Tickets are $25 and include two drink tickets, tarot card readings, and all lectures. General admission tickets also include one free admission for a daytime tour of the Chatillon-DeMenil Mansion.

Ghost tours start at 6:30 and every half hour with the last tour starting at 9:30. Tours are limited to 10 people each and are an additional $10. Advance purchase is recommended.

About our Lectures and Speakers:

Lecture One: Joseph Nash McDowell, M.D. and Grave Robber
Victoria Cosner has spent the better part of 30 years poking around graveyards and digging for lost pieces of history.  She is especially fond of delving into missing pieces of women's history. She co-authored a book, Women under the Third Reich (Greenwood Publishing) and next turned her attention to the infamous Madame Lalaurie and her incredible family. It wasn't long before another bizarre historical figure caught her attention: Dr. Joseph Nash McDowell.

A longtime member of the Association for Gravestone Studies, she has worked in public history facilities for over 20 years and has her master's degree in American Studies, specializing in cultural landscapes of garden cemeteries

Lecture Two: Missouri’s Murderous Matrons
Victoria Cosner continues the evening telling the stories of two different women in two different areas of Missouri that used arsenic as a means to get what they wanted. Emma Heppermann, a black widow killer, craved money. Bertha Gifford, an angel of mercy, took sick people into her home and nursed them to death. Follow the trails of these women who murdered for decades before being tried and convicted. From Wentzville to Steelville, Emma left a trail of bodies. And Bertha is suspected of killing almost 10 percent of the population of the little town of Catawissa. Authors Victoria Cosner and Lorelei Shannon offer the gruesome history of Missouri’s murderous matrons.

Lecture Three: Jack the Ripper in St. Louis
Did Jack the Ripper die in St. Louis? Several experts believe it is a definite possibility. Author/Researcher Michael Hawley will be speaking on one of the key Scotland Yard suspects in the unsolved 1888 Jack the Ripper murders mystery, Dr. Francis Tumblety; a wealthy, eccentric narcissist with significant ties to St. Louis, beginning in the Civil War when he opened up a lucrative alternative quack medical office and ending with his death in 1903 at St. John’s Hospital at 2228 Locust Street.

Michael Hawley is the author of Jack the Ripper Suspect Dr. Francis Tumblety (Nonfiction, Sunbury Press, 2018), which received the 2018 Nonfiction Book of the Year by an international organization (Ripperology Books….and More) of researchers, authors, and enthusiasts dedicated to the Whitechapel mystery. He is also author of The Ripper’s Haunts (Nonfiction, Sunbury Press, 2016), which received a top book review by prominent author/researcher Paul Begg, stating it was “head and shoulders” above the rest of the Ripper books in 2015 and 2016. In January 2019, Hawley was on the Travel Channel in the series Legend Hunter (Icon Films) hosted by Pat Spain, because of the recent discoveries. Hawley has lectured in Liverpool, England, at the 2017 Jack the Ripper Conference and in Baltimore at the 2016 conference (RipperCon). He has also given numerous lectures in New York and Pennsylvania. Hawley was interviewed on national (Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes and NBC Radio House of Mystery) and local radio (Judge Penny Wofgang) and on over a dozen podcasts, all free to listen to on his website ( He is now a cohost for House of Mystery. Hawley has published (and continues to publish) over a dozen research articles in journals dedicated to the Whitechapel murders/Jack the Ripper mystery and has published online articles for numerous websites. He is also the author of The Watchmaker Revelations, a mystery/thriller fiction trilogy: The Ripper’s Hellbroth (2017), Jack’s Lantern (exp. 2019), and Curse of the Bayou Beast(exp. 2020). Additionally, he authored Searching for Truth with a Broken Flashlight (Nonfiction, 2010). Mike holds a Master’s degree in science (invertebrate paleontology) and secondary science education at State University of New York, College of Buffalo, and a Bachelor’s degree in geology and geophysics at Michigan State University. He is a commander and naval aviator in the U.S. Navy (retired).


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